DSW Consulting provides relevant, applicable management advice that protects the client’s business. We combine qualifications and experience in Security, Risk, Emergency, Project and Resource Management to provide professional, strategic and practical advice; advice that protects what the client does as well as what they have.

We have particular expertise in providing bomb safety and security advice to help clients minimise disruption from: bombs of various types bomb threats, unidentified items, hazardous mail items, and post-blast incidents. “Bomb Safety and Security – The Manager’s Guide” by D.S. Williams CPP, RSecP, MIExpE, IABTI, MIAPS released via the Australian Security Research Centre http://asrc.com.au/publications/,provides practical advice, thought processes, checklists, and real world examples.


What we do

We provide bomb safety and security advice to provide a safe and secure work environment while minimising disruption to business operations.

We also review emergency, security and related plans to ensure they are coordinated and aligned to protect the client before, during and after an incident. We identify cost efficient and effective measures to reduce the likelihood of the event occurring and the consequences should the risk be realised.


A Brief History

DSW Consulting Pty Ltd was established in 2006 by Don Williams CPP RSecP to expand his capacity to provide professional security consulting services to clients.  The company was formally closed in 2017.  Don may be engaged through other, selected, security consultancies.Don has been consulting on security for over 30 years and was the Managing Director of a leading security consultancy before setting up DSW Consulting Pty Ltd. He had a career in the military, primarily as a bomb technician. During that time he gained formal civilian qualifications and experience in security, risk and resource management. His 22 years' military service included three years at the Australian Bomb Data Centre and two years on exchange to the British Army.  He developed and has maintained close working relationships with a range of government agencies as well as the corporate sector.






The book "Bomb Safety and Security - the Manager's Guide" is available from  www.asrc.com.au and Amazon